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pos system runs on windows

POS system runs on windows

Touch screen support of windows system, make it ideal for Point Of Sale applications. Before Tablets, 100% POS application are running with windows.

Here's some POS system works with windows ( from windows store)

Sabor POS
Sabor POS is the premier restaurant software on the Windows Store, #1 most downloaded Restaurant POS for Windows 10. Sabor POS provides all the features you need to fully automate your ordering and accept customer payments, Create your restaurant’s menu, add your employees, enter your restaurant table design, and your restaurant will be ready to begin serving your customers more quickly and efficiently. Access your sales data and make changes on the fly from anywhere utilizing our cloud-based technology.
  Watch a video about Sabor and how we were started here ---> 

With Sabor you get access to our Sabor POS Restaurant App, Our online dashboard for back of the house reports, secure and private data, and best of all peace of mind knowing that your restaurant management is in your hands. Install our platform on any Windows 10 device, create your user account, and begin managing a more efficient restaurant. *Ticket Management *Delivery System *Online Ordering *Table Management *Employee Profiles *End of Day Reports *Cash Drawer & Printer Integration *Payments *Credit Card Processing

IPT Point Of Sale

IPT Point Of Sale for Windows 10 - 8.1 - 8 - 7 - Vista or XP. IPT Point Of Sale is a simple, intuitive Point Of Sale (Cash Register) for restaurant, bars, hotels, catering, retail and more. Run IPT Point Of Sale on your tablet, laptop, a dedicated POS or even a desktop computer. IPT Point Of Sale is the point of sale (cash register) that takes care of tickets, inventory, sales reports and provides valuable analytic. So you can focus on your customers. Built-in reports give you the knowledge you need to track your success and adapt your menu. When creating your menu, it's easy to add cooking options (like rare or well-done), drink options (no ice), and toppings, with full pricing flexibility. Take orders quickly and send them straight from the table to the kitchen or bar. Waiter is going to the kitchen only when order is ready. Create custom floor plans with distinct sections (ex: dining room, terrace...). Need to move some tables around? It’s as easy as swiping, even during a shift. SEND YOUR EMAIL & SMS NOTIFICATIONS WHEN CASHIER END OF SHIFT. So you quickly get information about your counter: total sales, sold items, total customers and more. Key Features Ordering - Dine in, take out and delivery. - Add, void items. - Hold items. - Split, combine orders. - Apply discount, surcharge, gratuity. - Support multi tax. Menu - Drag and drop menu item on screen. - Manage table, menu items, modifier and kitchen note. - Include/exclude tax on item price. - Kitchen/bar printers on items. - Auto price (happy hours) on items. - Weight scale, open price on items. - Print to kitchen with any foreign language menu item. - Price manager to make price changes to multiple items. Payment - Pre print ticket before pay. - Display suggested gratuity amounts on the ticket. - Allow different payment methods on same ticket. Report - END OF DAY REPORTS: Run an end of day report which includes daily sales, and an optional list of items sold. - EXPORT REPORTS: Each report can be exported to a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet making reports compatible with hundreds of devices and software. - POWERFUL REPORTING: Use any of the 30+ built in reports to quickly gauge how your business is running. Each report can be customized to only show the current day, week, month, or any custom date range. - BUILT-IN GRAPHING: Reports have built in graphs making it easy to see sales trends and understanding the data included in each report. - EMAIL & SMS: Send your email & SMS notifications when cashier end of shift or export report. Inventory - BUILT-IN INVENTORY TRACKING: Keep track of stock levels so you know what is selling and what needs to be ordered. - MAKE RECIPE FOR ITEMS: Set up all the ingredients you buy as inventory items. Use ingredients to create recipes for the items on your menu. - AUTOMATIC ALERTS: Get alerts on critically low stock. Generate purchase orders automatically based on the number of items sold. - PHYSICAL INVENTORY: A physical inventory helps ensure that the stock on hand balances recorded on stock keeping records match the quantities of items actually in the store. Customer - Add as many customers to your counter as you like. - Take down as much or as little information about customers as you like. - Create customer notes as helpful reminders. - View all of a customer's past purchases. Manage - Organize staff, permissions by creating User Groups for employees with different responsibilities. - Owners can track and manage an employee by login ID, and view information such as clock-in and out times, breaks taken, and hours worked. - Customize your Point of Sale stations according to specific services. For example, at a restaurant, set up a POS station for the bar area and another for the dining area, each with their own designated capabilities. - Because data is stored locally on your device, you can run even with no internet. Localize - Support your country currency and format. - Configurable decimal place. - Support your date and time format. ==================== Notes: - The app offers subscription license as in-app purchase. - The limitations of the free version: 10 tickets per day.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS is a restaurant Point Of Sale App for Windows 8 system with touch screen function, it supports 1280x800, 1366x768 or higher resolution. Mobile POS works as the client of POS IN CLOUD which is a cloud-based POS system. for more details information please visit


eMobilePOS offers full-feature business grade mobile POS for Windows Tablets configurable for retail, hospitality (food & beverage), field service, delivery, and other mobile sales needs. Process credit cards, checks and cash, email/print receipts, control price, and view inventory. Operate stand-alone or connect to QuickBooks, SAGE, Retail Pro, Microsoft RMS, and more. Award-winning all-in-one POS application to process payments, manage inventory, and track and reward customers. Freedom to work with the payment processor of your choice. Track sales in real-time with web-based dashboard analytics. Operate as stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, Sage 50/100/300/500, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Retail Pro, Oracle, SAP, etc. PCI-compliant, following best practices established by the payments industry to keep data safe. Card data is never stored on the device. Sold as service at a low monthly fee – with no upfront software license expenses.


heCashier is a simple Point of Sale Application.
You can find a video here:  With this app your Windows 8 Tablet can be used as a cash desk! Add your products, selected them and print a receipt! You can choose between regular printers (A7 label) or professional POS receipt printers (like the Epson T88V). Management of Waiter / Waitresses is also possible. It is also possible to define tables! You can assigned sold products to a table and print a receipt later. With the new version you can add a tax rate to products and print the tax rates on the labels. Also new: Export you sales statistic to CSV / Excel! Do not hesitate to contact our support: We are looking forward to help you, thank you for supporting us!


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