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How to secure your pin or access card for restaurant manager

Secure pin code or access card for restaurant managers As a restaurant manager, you know a long pin (more than 8 digits ) is much more secure  than the short one. Even though, pin code is not secure, and you have to change it once in a while. To solve this problem, swipe cards got in and you carry the card to give your workers access. Never worry about lost pin code.  Actually, system trust that plastic card instead of you now. Anyone hold your card is you! Well, lets put a finger printing in place. Finally, security enhanced, problems solved. But finger printing scanner devices need to be installed to all stations, terminals, for easy accesses. You have to run crossing the dinning area, upstairs' party rooms, physically press your own finger . Well, lots of exercise. KwickPOS remote authentication will keep you focus on customer services as well as high secure environment. You can approve request from your fellow workers with your mobile devices.  Instead of yelling, waving at you