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Gift Card Issue Toast & Paytronix

  Source URL: So we house our gift cards with Paytronix which is great most of the time, however every once in a gift card sale through Toast doesn't make it over to Paytronix. Also, every once in a while a gift card will be used and it doesn't mark the balance down. Has anyone else had an issue with this? I have cases opened with both Toast and Paytronix and it seems that no one can give me answers. Maybe we are doing something wrong? I also thought about tagging them both in an email combining both cases to get them to work together? :) Anyways, any insight is much appreciated! Source URL: I am normally a huge Toast fan boy, but this latest thing has me upset. Gift cards at our 10 locations stopped working about 10 days ago. I was transfered around to 5 different departments (kitchen, gift card, payments, accounts and