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Cash discount system built inside KwickPOS point of sale system

Square,  stripe, paypal,  venmo or any other merchant service, there is a fee range from 2% to 5%. No mater your profit margin is low or high,  this fee become significant in the long run of you business.  Using KwickPOS cash discount program, this loss/cost can be recovered back from your customer.  This picture says it all. Cash price in black, Card price in red.   

Point of Sales Partnership


Customer Display Unit with browser

KwickPOS Customer Display System(CDS) 1. When idling, it can be configure to slide through your promotion items or playing promotion video. 2. Showing detail items with/without summary 3. Tip and signature capture and more.

Kitchen Display System/KDS inside browser

Support touch screen and bumper. Displayed items can be combined, hided base on requirements.  Sound alerts for new orders, and much more.

Restaurant POS live inside your favorite browser

Chrome, Edge, or safari, Firefox.. KwickPOS system live inside web browser. Responsive UI, you can resize your POS layout/screen to fit your need. POS screen not always full screen.

5 features boss love in a pos

While it might not be the first thing Boss notice when they come to acquire a new restaurant. the POS system affects the business at almost every moment.  There are a few features in particular that boss love in a restaurant’s POS, which can actually help them a lot.