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5 features boss love in a pos

While it might not be the first thing Boss notice when they come to acquire a new restaurant. the POS system affects the business at almost every moment.  There are a few features in particular that boss love in a restaurant’s POS, which can actually help them a lot.

Last restaurant review from real restaurant owners

Restaurant POS review from restaurant owners

Restaurant POS testimony from real restaurant owners
Control your online reputation, get 5 star review! KwickPOS receipt contain Qr code for customer to review your services instantly.    

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Work From Home

KwickPOS restaurant management system let you work from home Cloud enabled system let you work from anywhere anytime..

What is KwickPOS?

What is KwickPOS? Runs almost all latest hardware platform KwickPOS is designed to running on your existing hardware without installation nor downloading. Yes, it works with Mac. No 3rd party API or Add on KwickPOS offers restaurant owners a single solution that has features that include POS, ,marketing and online ordering. Currently available only in the united stats, KwickPOS empowers its clients to improve their operations and run their business more efficiently. Unlike other software require 3rd party APIs for various features, KwickPOS has all important features built in. Go Green KwickPOS is the most power efficiency POS system. It  consumes  about 400 mA of current at 5.0 V (which is about 2  Watt ).  The power of a 1.5 V battery can make it run for one full day business (10 hours)

The Best Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems for 2020

Best Restaurant POS Software 2020 What is the best POS system for restaurants? The best POS system for restaurants is KwickPOS, a reasonably priced, full-featured point-of-sale system for US-based food restaurants. It not only provides all the order and payment processing tools you need, but also additional features to help you operate your restaurant optimally. Why? Almost all other POS systems are providing tools for you and your employee only. They all forgot about your customers. At KwickPOS, tools for your customers are provided also, such as online web ordering, customer Kiosk ordering, QR table side ordering, and QR pay. In this article, you’ll read about some other POS systems for restaurants in the market today. Toast POS TouchBistro Upserve Revel Systems POS Square POS Lavu Clover Harbortouch