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KwickPOS: The Future of Secure Restaurant Management

KwickPOS: The Future of Secure Restaurant Management Introducing KwickPOS, the all-in-one Point of Sale solution that takes security and convenience to the next level. With its innovative fingerprint recognition technology, KwickPOS is revolutionizing the way restaurants manage their operations, reducing the risk of employee theft and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. One Fingerprint Reader for Multiple Stations KwickPOS's fingerprint technology is different from other POS systems. With KwickPOS, one fingerprint reader can be shared by multiple stations, reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of your operations. This also improves security, as there's no need for multiple passwords and pin codes that can be easily stolen. Compatible with All Devices KwickPOS's fingerprint recognition technology works on all devices, including Linux, Mac, iPad, tablet, and Android systems. This means that you can use KwickPOS's secur

KwickPOS Fingerprint Server

Biometric Restaurant Point of Sale Security – Fingerprint A fingerprint server can be used to verify users authentication for multiple devices/stations. Fingerprint server can be any computers with a fingerprint reader attached. Normally, to implement fingerprint verification, each workstation requires to have their own fingerprint reader locally attached. With KwickPOS fingerprint server, 2 or more workstations can sharing one single finger printer reader. Not only cost saving, but spacing saving as well. KwickPOS fingerprint server dramatically improves security: Eliminate buddy punching on the time clock Eliminate PIN number sharing, guessing Eliminate manager PIN number sharing Everywhere you would use a PIN code, you can scan a fingerprint for access: