Online order Doordash vs KwickPOS

Online order Doordash vs KwickPOS

Today, we did a online order comparison between Doordash, one 3rd party online order service with restaurant own online ordering site provided by KwickPOS, a fast growing POS system with built in online orders.

Testing done with one restaurants, Iza Robata, located in 20212 Champion Forest Dr. Suite 500Spring, TX 77379.

For this test, we order 10 of the exact same item from both online order site. Here is the screen shots of the cart.

For Pickup order, $5.50 difference in price. Yes, consumer paying extra for nothing if they choose Doordash online order.

For restaurants owners, it is even worse if order got from doordash because of their huge commissions, which is around 30%, that is  about $44. 


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